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The Rant

The Washington Post arts section¬† initiated a new feature this week, which the editors are calling “the rant.” It’s meant to be a short, impassioned act of criticism that focuses on something that needs to change in world of the arts or the general aesthetic landscape. I wrote the first one, a brief reminder that the security regime of Washington, D.C. has gone overboard, removing from public access important vistas and places that are essential to the symbolic design of the nation’s capital.

Unfortunately, it’s very hard to find online. First, go the The Washington Post website, then click on the “Lifestyle” banner on the top of the web page. Next, click on the “Style” button (it’s in gray and pretty hard to see). Now scroll down the page and look for a small arrow button that says “More Style Stories.” Then scroll down that page and look for the headline:¬† “The Rant: Security Mania takes away Monumental View.”

Or just use this link.


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