Fit for a Tsar

    When I visited St. Petersburg last May, the Mariinsky 2 was still a work zone. Now it’s open. The new building is undistinguished and even quite ugly from the outside. I haven’t seen the inside yet. But I did write about the controversy over its site, cost and design … Continue Reading Fit for a Tsar

Bach on the Harp

Some people hear music through the strangest of portals. There are opera lovers who love only one voice, and they will love any music that voice sings. And there are orchestra fanatics who can’t abide solo recitals or chamber music or–heaven forbid–an evening at the opera. But the oddest of … Continue Reading Bach on the Harp

Mahler, minus opera

Opera News has placed online my recent story about Mahler, who despite being one of the greatest vocal composers of all time, never wrote an opera (a few, minor bits of juvenalia notwithstanding).