Bach on the Harp

Some people hear music through the strangest of portals. There are opera lovers who love only one voice, and they will love any music that voice sings. And there are orchestra fanatics who can’t abide solo recitals or chamber music or–heaven forbid–an evening at the opera. But the oddest of … Continue Reading Bach on the Harp

Put Locke to Work

I received a brief email from a reader who took issue (I think) with my review of the Academy Award nominated “The Garden,” appearing in today’s “Post.” I framed this documentary, about the contest over a 14-acre community garden in South Central Los Angeles, in terms of John Locke’s theory … Continue Reading Put Locke to Work

A New NEA Chairman

          We learn today that the National Endowment for the Arts will have a new Chairman, an intriguing signal of things to come from the Obama Administration. Rocco Landesman, a prominent and impressive Broadway producer with a Yale pedigree and a St. Louis past, will succeed Dana Gioia, the previous … Continue Reading A New NEA Chairman