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Talking about Haiti…

The Haiti story touched a nerve, it seems. I spent some time with two journalists from Canal+ today, for a segment which airs in France on Sunday. And tomorrow morning, I’ll be on NPR’s Tell Me More, around 9 a.m

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Haiti and the Media

            My story on the images coming out of Haiti led to an invitation to discuss news coverage of the catastrophe on The Takeaway, a morning radio news and call-in program based in New York. I was joined by Natalie Hopkinson, who wrote a sharp piece on the meaning and use of words such as “looting” in the context of a socially-devastating natural disaster. You can listen here. One caveat: Since I started forcing myself to watch more of the television coverage of the tragedy, I feel the need to say that once again I think newspapers such as the The Washington Post and The New York Times are in a very different league from what is available on the networks and cable. I find much of the televised coverage unbearably narcissistic, saccharine and self-aggrandizing, and that raises very different questions than the boundaries of privacy and photojournalism I discussed on Saturday.

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Thinking About Haiti

Since the war in Iraq began, I’ve been looking at and writing about media images of death and destruction. The images coming out of Haiti strike me as more graphic than most newspapers have been willing to print in the past decade. I ponder why in today’s Washington Post.

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