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Let us continue the glorious march!

            Although ultimate victory against the Evil Doers is as certain today as it was when we first joined battle against this merciless and implacable foe, it is my unfortunate duty to inform you that there have been certain small and temporary setbacks in the War against Deadlines. We are not discouraged and we have already redoubled our efforts against the insolent enemy. We will pursue Overdue Assignments to the caves where they live. We will confront Due Dates on the Plains of Procrastination, and we will defeat them there. We will not weary or rest even unto the last hour of the last day of The Washington Post Sunday section production schedule. But today we must ask for patience and sacrifice on the Home Front.

             And so we offer up an Opera News cover story, recently published, on the subject of style. Herein you can find my argument that the opera house is a place of refuge for the historically endangered idea of style, the need to make distinctions, to notice detail, to honor the received wisdom of the past while we imprint our own stamp on art. I even use the word “post-modernism,” and not in a nice way.


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