Shopping List

Chocolate ravioli, some nasty, stanky French cheese and maybe something to make a mess of greens taste unhealthy. Eastern Market is open again. Here’s my take, in Sunday’s paper. And next, when we’re all done celebrating, we can talk about bringing some more diversity to the vendors, some real organic … Continue Reading Shopping List

The Ordos Prize

            Young Chinese architects are blessed and cursed with an abundance of work. Many of them have burgeoning portfolios of built projects in their 20s, when young architects in the West are still thoroughly in the apprenticing process. But when I visited China last year, I heard the same refrain: While it’s … Continue Reading The Ordos Prize

The Architecture of Authority

I think this show is better than it might seem on superficial first glance. Richard Ross’s photographs of institutional spaces include interrogation rooms, prisons and execution chambers. But also high-school corridors, hotel phone booths and religious spaces. If you take these connections too seriously, it seems like Ross is making silly, agit-prop … Continue Reading The Architecture of Authority