Zahi Hawass

I was in Cairo for a week, reporting on the cultural scene there. The first of the stories, a look at the trials, tribulations and general absurdities of all things Zahi Hawass ran today. Hawass, the longtime head of the Supreme Council of Antiquities and now the Minister of State … Continue Reading Zahi Hawass

A Summit for Mediocre Art

Not everything on display at the G40 show–a sprawling, five-floor, 75,000-square-foot compendium of “new brow” art in Crystal City–is horrible. There are competent works, and modest works, there are examples of craftsmanship and care, and there are a few installation pieces that rise to the level of a good academic … Continue Reading A Summit for Mediocre Art

New Deal for Artists

            I missed the opening of the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s “1934: A New Deal for Artists,” which displays art made with the first tranche of money directed at artists under President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s short-lived Public Works of Art Project. When I finally made it to the show last … Continue Reading New Deal for Artists