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A few weeks ago I wrote a cranky response (Silence is Not the Problem) to a Huffington Post piece by Richard Dare, which seemed to suggest that the major problem facing orchestras today was the putative complexity of concert hall etiquette. Yesterday we had a chance to speak on the same panel for WQXR’s Conducting Business podcast, and today they posted the results. Dare’s piece was polemical, as was my response to it (the blogging instinct in action). Our conversation, with pianist and author Kenneth Hamilton calling in from the U.K., was perfectly pleasant. In fact, we probably don’t disagree on much at all. I’m no purist or stickler for the rules of concert hall decorum, though I think they are often based on sound principles. And Dare, who is the CEO of the Brooklyn Philharmonic, is not quite the Vandal he seems to be from his writing, in fact, far from it. Charming and articulate. Our conversation can be heard here.

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