Rallying behind Gehry

What a difference a week makes. On March 20, at a Congressional hearing, it looked as if the controversy whipped up by Susan and Anne Eisenhower, and further fueled by the dogged work of a small anti-Gehry group (the National Civic Art Society, which is pretty much anti-everything of or derived from the modernist tradition) might seriously caused headaches for the Eisenhower Memorial Commission. The commission’s executive director conceded during the question period that there was not “consensus” among the commissioners, who once numbered David Eisenhower among their members, until his enigmatic resignation in December last year. A week later and the commission has come to consensus again. They stand firmly behind Gehry and his design, according to a letter released yesterday. I blogged it for the Post’s Style blog.

What changed? I wonder if it was the tone of Susan Eisenhower’s commentary, or the general sense that the memorial’s opponents were throwing everything and the kitchen sink at Gehry. Invoking Marx, Lenin, Engels, Mao, Ho Chi Minh and Hitler sounded odd and perhaps a bit unseemly.

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  1. With all your efforts to rebut the criticism of your inept defense of Gehry’s “bombastic and silly” design (per that “right wing” magazine The New Republic), you have successfully killed the Gehry proposal for good. Of course,today’s disingenuous and uninformed WaPost editorial (certainly promoted by Phil K ) sealed the coffin.
    The Commission recently made it clear that they not only don’t care what the family thinks, they don’t care what anybody thinks- except Frank Gehry and maybe poison pill Kennicott.
    There are no more tax dollars and since no private $ will appear with Eisenhower family opposition, it’s over. With friends like Mr Kennicott , Mr.Gehry and the Commission don’t need enemies. 🙂

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