It’s not just the subject of my Sunday story, it’s the problem afflicting too many Sunday stories, alas. Tyler Green at Modern Art Notes sent a message saying he might have linked to the piece I wrote about the year anniversary of the National Portrait Gallery exhibition… but he couldn’t find it in time for his weekend round up. Not the first time. Fortunately, Tyler did post it for his Tuesday links). The Post doesn’t have  an “arts tab” on its web page, so it’s understandable why readers might be somewhat confused where such a story would land on the internet. Is it entertainment? Or lifestyle? Or national news? Or opinion? A bit of all them.  And now it’s very difficult to find my stories through Google News, unless my name appears in the body of the text or you type in author:”Philip Kennicott.” Searching with just the name or byline through Google news, the old reliable method, no longer works for reasons that elude me. The best hope of finding Washington Post arts coverage is to put the writer’s name into the Washington Post homepage search box. That usually works, but not always. I’ll try to do better posting my work here, as soon as it’s available on the web.

Update: ART INFO now links to the piece, and Tim Graham at NewsBusters takes me to task for it.

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