Zahi Hawass

I was in Cairo for a week, reporting on the cultural scene there. The first of the stories, a look at the trials, tribulations and general absurdities of all things Zahi Hawass ran today. Hawass, the longtime head of the Supreme Council of Antiquities and now the Minister of State for Antiquities, resigned after Mubarak left, then returned to power about a month latter. During the interregnum, you started to hear some of the ice crack: Finally people could talk a little more candidly about the strengths and weaknesses of a man who holds life and death power over the careers of many an archaeologist. But as soon as this supreme showman was back in power, most critics in the West became reticent again. He’s simply a very powerful man and there’s no upside in being on his bad side. But they’re talking in Egypt. The problem is, whom can you trust?


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