Save the earth, damn the science?

That’s the possibility I raise in today’s article about the odd Ark Encounter project proposed for Kentucky. It’s from the same people who brought us the Creation Museum. Now they propose a giant Noah’s Ark, as part of a larger biblical theme park. The twist? They want to build it green, if not to actual LEED standards, using the same technologies and efficiencies encouraged by the U.S. Green Building Council’s very successful sustainability guidelines. And yes, they believe in unicorns.


More interesting to me is the possibility that we might be heading to some kind of cultural consensus on environmental solutions–and CO2 from the building business is a big part of total emissions–without actually achieving consensus on the question of global warming. In other words, we might in fact save the earth without agreeing on the science.

Today’s exercise in Pollyanna brought to you by Genesis 1:28.


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