Wag of the Finger

Yes, I got a “wag of the finger” from Stephen Colbert last night. Unfortunately, I was watching “My Fair Lady” at the time and didn’t know about my new pop-culty cred until this morning. But it’s just as good as a rerun web clip. He singled out my review of the Park51 community center for attention. It starts around 3:50.



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2 responses to “Wag of the Finger

  1. Lee Anna Good

    Dear Phillip,

    Was just watching a recorded Colbert and there you were! Tip of the hat to you, sir! We had some awfully bad times, didn’t we? Anyway, miss you, and your wit, and wish I’d been watching My Fair Lady With You.

    -Lee Anna Good

  2. Felicia Knight

    Thank goodness for Tivo! Next thing you know, you’ll be ranked right up there with bears on the “threat down.” Great fun.

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