Love from the Wall Street Journal

My review of the Park51 renderings made the Wall Street Journal’s Best of the Web Today column by James Taranto. Make no mistake: by “best of the web” they don’t necessarily mean things they love, but rather, the best material to lampoon in the BOTWT column. Here’s Mr. Taranto’s assessment:

Mass Murder as ‘Parody’

Philip Kennicott, an architecture critic for the Washington Post, wades into political criticism in what is ostensibly a review of an architect’s drawings of the Ground Zero mosque:

“[The mosque planners] face a groundswell of hostility whipped up during an election season that feeds on primitive emotions directed at a parody of a supposedly primitive religion.”

What is the source of the emotions Kennicott snottily disdains as “primitive”? Nine years ago, two blocks from where the planners want to build the mosque, Islamic supremacists murdered nearly 3,000 people and destroyed a portion of New York City. Kennicott’s characterization of an atrocity as a “parody” is an obscenity.

I added the quotation marks to distinguish my words from his. I’m still trying to figure out how he can claim I characterize the events of 9-11 as a parody. Never did it. Never would. But they spelled my name right.


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