War in Lebanon, and a museum in Qatar

Catching up on a few recent Washington Post stories.  Last Sunday I wrote about a new exhibition of art from Lebanon, art which is sadly but understandably preoccupied with war, sectarian division and the political future of one of the world’s most beautiful and volatile countries. I also took on a new documentary about I.M. Pei and the museum he designed for Islamic Art in Qatar. It may be his late great masterpiece. But how can a respectable film festival screen a film that was commissioned by the subject of the film? If I’m interested in one thing when writing about documentary, it’s the contract of trust–or lack of one–between film makers and the public.

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  1. Hi, I read your review of Richmond’s VMFA. It was all fine and dandy (at least if thats what you can muster), but your comment about the Confederate statues was highly uncalled for and also irrelevant . I suppose if a big ugly statue of “Honest Abe” Lincoln were nearby , there would be no complaints. Those statues are beautiful and a reminder of Richmond’s unique and historic presence as the Capital of the illustrious Confederacy during the War Between the states. At the very least, you have a sore knowledge of history or respect for history and the brave men who fought for Virginia. I’m sorry you have such prejudice. Nice to know one of our fine institutions held what little attention you seem to have.

    Meade Skelton Haufe
    Richmond, VA

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