Talking about Haiti…

The Haiti story touched a nerve, it seems. I spent some time with two journalists from Canal+ today, for a segment which airs in France on Sunday. And tomorrow morning, I’ll be on NPR’s Tell Me More, around 9 a.m

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  1. Matt Mazza

    I heard the story on NPR and actually cheered out loud after your final remarks. Well done. I actually transcribed the quote (never done that before) and sent it to friends and family via email:

    Excellent quote from Philip Kennicott, Culture Critic of the Washington Post

    1/21/2010 Tell Me More
    National Public Radio
    Host: Michelle Martin

    10:45 into the clip: “Journalists Conflicted Between Ethics, Humanity In Earthquake Aftermath”

    Michelle asked a question regarding doctors doubling as journalists in the Haiti aftermath: what do you think is appropriate as a journalist?

    Philip’s reply:

    “I think that there’s a fairly easy ethical issue here. Turn the camera off. If you’re there as a medical professional, and you feel for reasons of humanity that you have to serve as a medical professional, turn the camera off. It’s not that complicated. And what we’re seeing in this agonizing about this supposed ethical issue is really an awful sort of self-aggrandizing, cynical and narcissistic presence of the press and I find it actually really repellant”

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