Haiti and the Media

            My story on the images coming out of Haiti led to an invitation to discuss news coverage of the catastrophe on The Takeaway, a morning radio news and call-in program based in New York. I was joined by Natalie Hopkinson, who wrote a sharp piece on the meaning and use of words such as “looting” in the context of a socially-devastating natural disaster. You can listen here. One caveat: Since I started forcing myself to watch more of the television coverage of the tragedy, I feel the need to say that once again I think newspapers such as the The Washington Post and The New York Times are in a very different league from what is available on the networks and cable. I find much of the televised coverage unbearably narcissistic, saccharine and self-aggrandizing, and that raises very different questions than the boundaries of privacy and photojournalism I discussed on Saturday.

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