Where does the hate come from?

Sorry folks, if you’re visiting to find out more about the Obama as Joker poster, this is the right website but the wrong post. This post is for the opera crowd, who are busy bees on the internet bulletin board circuit. That’s the subject of a short essay I wrote for the September issue of Opera News.  Here’s the opening:

If you want to comprehend the dismal spectrum of humanity, compare the user comments on two websites. At Liveleak.com, a portal that posts violent police and war videos, the public forum is filled with racist rants and callous celebrations of death. Now check out DailyPuppy.com, where four-legged puffballs with floppy ears inspire liberal use of the exclamation point and the shorthand acronyms of English run through the texting ringer.

Here’s a sample from DailyPuppy.com, culled from the entry for Shade the baby Weimaraner: “OMG Shade you are soooooooooooo cute. Big hugs and cuddles sweetheart.” Comment boards rack up hundreds of entries, the biscuit-based voting system (which, like the amplifier on Spinal Tap, runs on a scale from one to eleven) rarely registers fewer than 10.75 biscuits per pup, and day after day, puppy after puppy, not one person has anything nasty to say about the daily doggy.

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  1. Thank you for your very excellent article in Opera News last month.

    I encounter it several years ago by a man that used the name of “Claggart” as in the opera Billy Budd, to hide behind his hateful comments.

    I wrote something for the Opera Guild website, an observation of an opera at the Met that he did not agree with. Rather than reply to my observation as an educated gentleman, what I received instead was the ranting and raving of a real low life person.

    Being civilized and educated is not something we put on as a cloak. Rather it is something we carry within. It runs in our veins. And sometimes this is in very short supply in the opera house.

    Folks like this “Claggart” never dare reveal their real identities. They hide behind their invented personas as they spew their hate.


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