Richard Rogers, in DC

Not the composer of The King and I or Oklahoma, but the British architect, the co-designer of the Centre Pompidou and mastermind of the Millennium Dome. Rogers and his firm Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners have stitched together three buildings very near the Capitol, into a cohesive, energetic, exciting office complex. Here’s my review from today’s The Washington Post. It offers hope for people exhausted with the K Street vernacular, the box with cheapo cladding and no soul, inside or out. It’s also only the second completed building from Rogers in the United States (this is the other one). He’s run into some rough weather in his native land, but he’s welcome here. Build more.


Image by Katsuhisa Kida, courtesy of Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners


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  1. Dear Mr. Kennicott,

    Thank you for bringing this wonderful building to the attention of the general public. I took a stroll by and wrote about it on the new blog I am keeping.

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