Less is more

Security madness is destroying Washington, warping our democratic republic and making us into Man, the Beast who Cowers. Security–a compromise between freedom and danger–is too important to be left to bureaucrats or specialists, which is why I argue, here, that the best response to the tragic and idiotic act of hate at the Holocaust Museum on June 10 is to do nothing. At least, nothing architecturally. Unfortunately, the comments section after my piece has been taken over by the usual suspects.

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  1. I was so pleased to see the referenced June 21st article in the Post. I’m a Landscape Architecture graduate student currently spending the summer researching how concerns about security have impacted the design of public landscapes in DC, from reduced access to new protest limitations to general aesthetic changes that may be helping to create a climate of fear in the district. I agree that too often knee-jerk reactions to fence, bollard, and CCTV every corner of our public spaces may not be the best solution to addressing security concerns and in some cases may not even be effective. These design decisions have effects that may last long after the threat has dissipated or changed form. Decisions regarding the design/redesign of our important public landscapes should balance security concerns with an appreciation of their symbolism of freedom and democracy and the beauty, cohesion, and history of the capital landscape, as well public ownership and right to access.

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